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Solar Setup and Design

We provide custom Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions for more Electrical Independency.

Residential Electrical Solutions

We provide tailor-made lightning studies and on-site proposals with the home owners. We provide electrical wiring to houses and residential areas.

Commercial Electrical Solutions

Electrical and Automation is a leading electrical company that services the commercial and construction industry by providing tailor-made electrical maintenance and electrical installations

Power Quality

Improve the Reliability of your Electrical supply while avoiding possible penalty charges.

Solar Setup and Design

Clean solar energy benefits not only your wallet, but the environment as well.

Residential Electrical

Competitively-priced Electrical Services for Homeowners and  Residential Applications


Competitively-priced Electrical Services for Businesses and Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Power Quality

Improve the reliability of your electricity supply while avoiding possible penalty charges.

Our Associates