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Solar Design and Installation

Residential and Commercial Solutions for more Electrical Independence.

Residential Solutions

For more Independence.

Take your energy supply into your own hands – with a SOLAR PV, photovoltaic solution.

How you can benefit from a PV system.

Having a SOLAR photovoltaic system on your roof lets you turn solar radiation into energy you can use – on-grid, off-grid or hybrid.

Perfectly customized to your requirements:

  • Direct self-consumption of solar power: Gaining independence from energy suppliers and reducing your electricity bills
  • Storage to increase self-consumption share: Ensuring that you can use solar power even when the sun is not shining
  • Storage to secure constant supply: Using your own power in the event of short-term blackouts

 Choose your option for being independent… Clean solar energy benefits not only your wallet, but the environment as well.

Commercial/Industrial Solutions

Investing in a sunny future…

How can you maximise solar energy’s benefits for yourself?  With our SOLAR solutions, tailored perfectly to your company’s requirements.

High-quality  SOLAR PV solutions create the basis for successful energy management.

  • You reduce your electricity costs,
  • gain security in the event of blackouts or unstable grid, 
  • reduce fuel procurement costs, 
  • secure 24h supply, and
  • promote of positive corporate image.

 That gives you an edge on the market.